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6 Reasons You Should Consider a First Look

Today’s post is about the top 6 reasons you should consider a first look because they are a serious GAME CHANGER for your wedding day. Don’t get me wrong, you can still end up with amazing photos and a fantastic wedding if you are dead-set on waiting to see each other until the ceremony. Some […] OPEN POST

Summer Garden Wedding // The Bennetts

Where do I even begin to describe how perfect this summer garden wedding was? Very rarely do I see a wedding day go according to plan in every detail, but Jeremiah and Julianna’s wedding most certainly did! From the morning mimosas, to the heartfelt ceremony under the tree canopy, June 30 was unforgettable. Jeremiah and […] OPEN POST

7 Things I Bring to Every Wedding

This behind the scenes blog is reviewing the 7 things I bring to every wedding! Over the course of several wedding seasons I’ve learned what items are must haves for wedding photography. As a wedding photographer my amount of time on the job is usually 8-9 hours (although I’ve shot everything from 4-12 hour weddings). […] OPEN POST

My Go-To Wedding Photography Outfits

This post is going to summarize my go-to wedding photography outfits (so basically this is for the ladies!). Out of the four topics I’m focusing on blogging this year, Behind the Scenes is by FAR my favorite! Anytime business owners I follow on social media share content that shows how they run their business I […] OPEN POST

5 Tips to Transform the Way You Work from Home

Today’s post shares my top 5 tips to transform your work from home habits! For most of us, COVID-19 has thrust us not only into quarantine, but also into the challenge of working from home. If you’re riding the struggle bus, you’re not alone! It’s taken a few years for me to find my rhythm […] OPEN POST

Andrew + Emily // Kansas Engagement Session

Andrew and Emily are one of the amazing couples I met at the Wichita Bridal Expo in January! Although I was booked for their wedding date, we were able to schedule their Kansas engagement session and my goodness we had fun! Hanging out with these two is like being with old friends, seriously. I think […] OPEN POST

5 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Wedding Photographer

Spring of 2013 was the first time I photographed a wedding. I was a senior in highschool and second-shooting for a friend, and I remember thinking, “this isn’t so bad! Why do people stress about photographing weddings?” I’m shaking my head now at how unaware I was seven years ago.  Back then I thought what […] OPEN POST

Posing: What to Expect + How to Prepare

Posing. It’s the part of getting your photo taken that’s likely to leave you somewhat apprehensive. I’m sure you have questions like, “Will I know what to do with my hands?” and, “Do I need to come prepared with ideas for poses?” These are very normal questions to ask! Today I’m going to answer them […] OPEN POST

Tour of My Workspace

This is the second “behind the scenes” blog post I’ve put together and I’m jazzed to share it with you! The first was all about what I learned/how I prepared for my first bridal expo (you can read about it here). It’s not often that I get to share not only what I’m working on […] OPEN POST

Tanner + Hannah // Wichita Engagement Session

Hannah and I first met at the Wichita Bridal Expo last month and bonded over our shared love for Friends (and let’s be honest, Chandler Bing!). My first impression of her was, “dang, she’s just the sweetest,” and I was right! We reconnected at Great Plains Nature Center a few weeks later to take she […] OPEN POST
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